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Time to Walk Forward Despite the Chaos

Complete disorder and confusion. That is the definition of chaos. We think we understand what the meaning of chaos is from movies, weather reports, and even a discordant jazz band, but do we ever really understand chaos until we walk through a season of it?

In a minute, our worlds can go from wonderfully complete to incredibly devastating; throwing us into a season of chaos that makes it difficult to determine where we are, what we are to do next, and even who we need to be to get through this trying time.

People talk about going through tough times; they share testimonies on it, speak about it and yes… even write blogs about it, to show how strong God is and how strong we can be when we have nothing left to rely on but Him. But how can we rely on God when it feels like the ground we walk on could fall away at any second, or already has?

When I was a kid, I had to take lessons on how to use a compass. We all did because that’s what happens in a small town; you never know when you will have to direct yourself out of a field (or a maple syrup bush in my case). Those who know me, know that I struggle with directions. Needless to say, adding a compass to the mix caused me to become more lost than found. This quickly resulted in tears, and I found myself trying to retrace my steps instead of forge new ones. I wanted to get back to where I had been so I could hopefully redo the process and find myself where I needed to be. While that never worked, it became a form of security because where I had been was familiar. I knew what to expect, and I could stay in this place of comfort until someone came along who could give me direction and take me out of a place of confusion.

Now, what if instead of retracing my steps, I instead tried to use where I was standing as my new center point and walked forward in the direction that the compass was showing me? Maybe I would have gotten to where I needed to go. Perhaps I wouldn’t have, but at least I would have been a few more steps ahead and a little bit wiser of where I needed to be than where I currently found myself.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. – Psalm 32:8

This can be said for God. God is our compass, and He is always pointing us to Him. Even in a season of chaos where we have no idea of where we are or where we are going, He is still leading us forward into a new-found territory. So why, when the going gets tough, do we retreat into what we know and what we are comfortable with? Because it’s easier than being brave and relying on God to help us navigate the chaos. I am speaking from experience these days as new relationships, health issues, mental health, and struggles at work have thrown me into a storm of chaos that is impossible to see through right now. Everything in me wants to retrace my steps as much as I can until I find myself in a place of comfort, but if I did that, I would be no farther ahead, have fewer answers, and potentially may be delaying inevitable chaos that is to come.

If you care for me Lord, I am strong, secure, at peace and courageous in your presence.

God doesn’t intend for us to walk through life on our own; He never did. He intended to give direction, provide guidance, point us to a life more significant than our own and better than we could imagine. Even the Israelites who “wandered” in the desert for forty years, wandered with the direction of God. Yes, their journey to the Promised Land was delayed because they veered from God’s plan and relied on the gods of their past instead of the God of their present and future, but God was still walking with them every step of the way. While they believed they were living in chaos, God was creating a life filled with wisdom that would prepare them for the greater plan that was to come.

Are you encountering a season of chaos? Is life so hard that it is making you question every move you make? Does the future look unclear or even non-existent? There may be a reason for the chaos. God may be doing something incredible behind the scenes, and this is all in preparation for the plans that He has for you.

Pray for God’s direction in this season. Ask Him why these situations are taking place and what He is preparing you for. Instead of hiding in what is comfortable, walk out into what is new. God is standing right beside you, leading you through the chaos, and supporting your heart and mind every step of the way. While we may not be able to control the chaos, we can control how we manage it, and that is by looking to God to lead His child.