Thoughts on Lies

Why do we lie, when it produces more lies? Lying has a way of causing us hurt. Ask yourself: do you want to be lied to? How do you feel when you are lied to? So, why do we lie to ourselves? Why don’t we just be honest, especially with God? Are we afraid to hear we are loved? Are we afraid to actually know him and to be known by him? Is it because we don’t know him, that we fear that we don’t know him? Truth be told, I believe that once we begin to know God we don’t want to not know him. We see that we are loved, we are free. We speak truth when we know him. Speaking truth is all we’ll want to do!

A lot of these lies we believe were once just thoughts we took and agreed with to be true. In doing this we often lie to ourselves and in turn end up lying to others. There are many ways that we lie to ourselves such as when we make statements like these:
-“I’m not capable of being patient”
-“no one cares about me”
-“I’m not smart ”
-“no one loves me”
How do we prevent this from happening? Recently while talking with a good friend of mine I received some practical steps. He shared with me a picture with some practical steps that were titled “Before you Speak: Think” and I felt like God was saying to change the title to be:
“Before you believe the thought to be true: “THINK” ”

T= Is it True
H= Is it Helpful
I= Is it inspiring
N= Is it Necessary
K= Is it Kind

Along with “Think” ask: does it encourage and build me up as a person? Along with is this how God sees me. Often we see ourselves as less then who we are in God’s eyes. This sets ourselves up to never be who we have the potential to be with him! I know that some of these steps may not always apply and you may come up with way better steps for yourself. I hope you find the answer for yourself on these questions I have asked. May it inspire you to know that there’s another way and that you’re loved.

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” – 2 Corinthians 10:5

by Tim Schotsman