God’s Not Going to Leave You; The Perfect Pursuit of God

Rejection does not know boundaries, it does not have timelines. Rejection comes in without warning and takes the breath right out of you. It has no mercy. When someone says that you aren’t good enough for the job, that you aren’t worthy of love in this season, that you are not their chosen one for marriage; that is where rejection rears it’s ugly head and tries to claim territory that it has no right owning. Ironically, you can’t have rejection if you do not have pursuit. How can something so terrible come from something so wonderful?

We are designed to pursue; to aim higher than our current circumstances. Pursuit may look like investing in friendships, searching for that new job opportunity, showing interest in a potential partner; stepping out of your comfort zone to build more meaningful connections and opportunities. It is that moment when you say, “Yes, this is what I want,” but sometimes that yes is silenced by rejection’s, “No.”

When the pursuit is over and the fullness of those moments and memories is now replaced with the emptiness of rejection, what do you do? Do you get angry and blame the act of pursuit? Do you question the quality of the quest or your role in it? Do you welcome rejection to stay awhile and believe the lies that usually come with it? Pursuit has a way of qualifying you and applying worthiness to you that you may not have felt in the past, so why do we choose to push further pursuits away because we are afraid of the lies that rejection can bring with it?

God’s Holy pursuit of our hearts is pure. His pursuance of our attention and love is more incredible than we can imagine because He doesn’t push Himself on us. Instead, through the Holy Spirit, He acts as a comforter, counselor, healer and someone who redefines what love is. Through His pursuit of us, He dispels the lies of rejection and replaces the emptiness with the wholeness of who He is and who we are in Christ. 

For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ Acts 17: 28

When it feels like everyone is going to leave and you have to live this life on your own, know that God is not going anywhere. He is calling you to draw closer to Him so that you may know your true worth in ways that you have never known before. He understands why you didn’t get the job, why your choice for a spouse decided to choose a different life, why you feel the way you do even when it’s at your most broken, empty self. 

Yet, sometimes it feels as if God has left. That He packed a bag and walked away, allowing rejection to settle in even longer; but this isn’t the case. God’s heart breaks when yours breaks. His Spirit cries when you cry and grieves when you grieve. He feels what we feel because we are His children. He is the perfect Father who acts as a father should; with love and pride for His children that cannot be quenched. A father who loves fully, invests deeply, understands completely, and rejoices over you with joy and gladness every moment of the day does not leave for you to fend for yourself. He instead longs to draw you close, speak away the lies and show you exactly who you are in Christ. 

If rejection has become a companion that has always lurked just behind pursuit in your life, pray that God shows you what genuine pursuit looks like. You are not your past; you are not your future; you are who God made you to be right here and right now, and that is a child being held firmly in His arms. 

When people leave, when the dreams don’t come true and when hope is deferred; God is still there, still pursuing, and still loving. 

Let Him pursue your heart and show you the truth you are living in today.