My Missions Trip to Brazil

Hello, my name is Micaela and I’m a recent graduate from the School of Ministry Toronto’s Heart Module class of Fall 2017. With every Heart Module semester you get an opportunity to go on a short term, 3 week outreach trip, and my team got chosen to go to Brazil. I was both excited and terrified at first, to be going to the only warm place of all the other outreach trips (as it was the middle of winter here in Canada), but also the only destination where the locals didn’t speak english. I knew we would have translators, but I had no idea what to expect of how things would go, never having been on a trip like this before.

When we arrived in the city Balneario Camboriu, our first part of outreach was to be apart of a beach evangelism camp for 10 days. It is called Verao Vida, meaning ‘Summer Life’ in Portuguese. With about 50 others campers from nearby cities, we would go out for a few hours a day to the large beach down the street and ask people if they wanted to hear about God and invite Jesus into their hearts. Sounds simple and nice enough, but to be honest I felt horrible and useless for the first few days. With a tight schedule at the camp involving morning team meetings, meals, cleaning the building we were staying in and even nap and snack time (to prevent heat stroke and dehydration), it was hard to find personal time with God. I hadn’t spent as much time as I would have liked preparing my heart over the few days off we had before the trip. I felt so empty, like I had nothing to give and nothing to pour into these people. At the same time, the people were hard to read if they were being receptive or not, while the Portuguese campers introduced ourselves and chatted. It was difficult and awkward to try to jump in and have the conversation translated. My skin was burning in the sun, my head was in a million places and my heart felt so far away from God.

I’m not sure at what point it happened, but suddenly I had this revelation that I was being so silly, because I finally remembered that I am always full of God. I don’t have to earn or work for His love and I can always ask for the presence of the Holy Spirit at any time. This sounds like a “well duh!” moment, but it really did take this trip for me to have this truth set in. Now things didn’t become perfect from then on, but my confidence in my relationship with God returned and I was able to pray and give prophetic words to more people we spoke to on the beach throughout the rest of camp. I was touched and filled with so much awe at how open and receiving the people of Brazil were to hearing about God in a new way. I hope that through me the message of God’s love impacted these people even if it’s just a little bit. Also, I’m so thankful for what the experience gave me in return. I wouldn’t have been able to do even half the stuff my team did in Brazil without the loving and equipping skills I gained from the School of Ministry, and I am forever changed!

Also, I will never take ordering food in my own language for granted.

-by Micaela Cali