Is there a Disconnect Between Your Head and Your Heart?

Testimonies of God’s goodness should be apart of our relationship with God, and our pursuit of His heart. Why? Life is messy and complicated, and although situations may look similar from one person to the next, no two people are walking the same path or experiencing the same circumstances. Testimonies allow others to see the heart of God and His hand in action in their lives, providing hope that everything will be okay, no matter how discouraging aspects of life can get. No two testimonies will be the same because of this and that is a beautiful thing, but God is still working in people’s hearts and their minds, allowing them to discover their real character and identity in Christ.

Testimonies come in moments; moments of the breaking and in the breakthrough. Testimonies come when God reveals His goodness and love, and the intricate workings of His plan in our lives, but they also happen when God moves inside our hearts and brings healing and hope. It can be hard to embrace what God is doing in our lives though, especially when it seems as if there is a disconnect between our heads and our hearts. What do I mean by this?

Has someone told you that you are worthy? That you are loved? What was your response? Did you accept what they had to say, and feel your heart fill with worthiness and love or did it feel as if the words they spoke over you were lies? Instead of accepting their words of goodness and embracing their truth, you instead found yourself saying, “Who are they talking about? That’s not me. I am not worthy or loved.”

God says that we are worthy. God says that we are loved. These are two truths that are evident throughout the Bible, as God proved time and time again that He works FOR His children and NOT AGAINST them. He may have shown it to you just recently. So, if we know these truths in our minds, then why don’t we know them in our hearts? Why can’t we take these words and hold them close, allowing their reality and meaning to sink in and helping us walk through each day with worthiness and love radiating from our very core?

I wish there were an easy answer. I want there to be an explanation of why it is so easy to believe the negative narratives spoken over our lives rather than the positive ones. If there could be a direct line of communication between our heads and our hearts, instead of a roadblock created by questions and unbelief, generations would live in a new-found freedom every day because they are living with the truth of God.

That’s not the case, however. Many times, (or thousands of times) our brain says one thing, and our heart says another. Enter in disbelief and heartache. When they begin to clash with worthiness and love, living out life from a place of love and worth becomes nearly impossible to do.

God is not just in the business of transforming the head or transforming the heart. He is in the business of revealing lies and replacing them with His truth. He knows that although He may have dominion over our hearts (because we have welcomed Him in), that many times He does not have authority over our minds as we do not let Him.

Living from a place of confusion, disbelief and heartache are not what God wants for you. He wants to be able to speak into your life and use testimonies to show that He is your sovereign God who is the only one who should have any say over your value and your worth.

Will you permit God to bring healing and truth to your mind and your heart? Give up control, trust Him, let Him get into the nitty-gritty, embarrassing and raw parts of your inner being and ask Him to help you know the promises and goodness that He holds for you. When you do, you will get to live out of a place of knowing who you are in Him, which is the greatest testimony of all!