God Is More Than Enough

“Enough” is not a word that we hear enough of lately. When we have enjoyed a delicious meal, we don’t tend to say that it was, “just enough.” We opt for words such as “stuffed,” or in some cases, that it left us feeling “empty.” The same could be said for a good conversation. Do we leave social outings feeling fulfilled, or do we leave with a hollow part of ourselves that we are unsure of how to fill?

This week I was reading the book of Matthew. On two separate occasions, Jesus instructed the disciples to hand out the fish and bread to those who had come to hear Him speak. Through God’s provision, they all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.” Matthew 14:20

What I find incredible about this story, is not that the disciples and the five thousand people who broke bread together had enough to eat, but that they had more than enough to the point that they were fully satisfied. There was no fear of running out or of leaving hungry, as Jesus’s blessing over the meal that they were about to have, blessed the people in a miraculous way. 

In life, we will fail each other in some way because we cannot be everything that someone else needs. We cannot be “enough” in every situation. In fact, we may barely be equipped with the skills and experience needed to help someone as they walk on their journey. That is a fact of life and one that I think we need to reflect on a bit more. 

If people cannot fill the hole that is inside of us to make us fully whole, then who can? Eve took from the tree because she felt like she was living in a place that was “less than.” Through promises made by Satan, she accepted the fruit and in turn, thought she was able to fill the gap that she believed existed within her. All that piece of fruit did was place more space between her and God. Adam followed suit. 

How often do we turn to other sources to be filled; to get our cup as full as it possibly can be, yet it never overflows? A post on Instagram leaves us hollow. Messaging a friend or family member for support brings us little comfort. Going to conferences helps us feel closer to God but then that feeling fades. 

The fact is, we will never be fully satisfied until we believe that God is more than enough for us. In the heartbroken moments, the nights of continuous prayer, the darkest corners and the lightest and brightest of days, God is enough. 

‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ -Acts 17:28 (NIV)

In God, we have our being. In God, we have existence, we have thought, we have freedom from our sins, we have grace, we have everything that we need. Without Him, we would be nothing. As we have our being in God, we have everything that we could ever need. He is more than enough because we come out of a place of wholeness that only exists with God.

God is enough; He is more than enough. So say, enough! Say enough to the tough situations; enough to the lies, the shame, the guilt, the insecurities and the daily struggles. And thank God for fully satisfying us in all good and glorious things that come from Him. 

You are maker made visible; holding the world in your hands

You are patient and merciful; giver of grace without end

Satisfied simply by being who you’ve always been

You are infinite love and you prove it again and again

Jesus, you are enough

Jesus, you are enough for me

With nothing; I still have everything

Jesus, you are enough for me