Faith, Working, Trust Him

Even When We Can’t See It, He’s Working

I was reading a devotional the other day by Sarah Young in her book, “Jesus Calling; Enjoying Peace in His Presence.” It said that if God were to unveil everything that He had prepared for us; everything that He was working on in our lives, we would be overwhelmed by His goodness. It also said, however, that we may be overwhelmed by the process that had to happen to get there. 

If someone were to tell frontline workers that in 2020 their faces would be raw from masks due to long hours spent battling a global pandemic, they would live every day in fear of how they may handle it. If someone told you that you would be diagnosed with cancer and be put through a series of painful tests and months of uncertainty, you would wonder if you were strong enough. If someone said you would go through a divorce, but your marriage was in a good place at the moment- you wouldn’t look at your spouse the same way ever again until the day came that the divorce papers were signed. 

We can’t control the kind of change that happens in our lives, no less than Jesus could control His final walk to the cross. He knew what the end outcome would be. He knew the pain and suffering that He would feel. But, He also knew it would break the power of sin. He knew that His blood had to be spilled, so that we may live. 

A friend shared on Facebook over Easter weekend, that the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is always a day that is passed over because we place all of our focus on Jesus rising from the grave. It got me thinking. For those who forgot about His promises and the prophetic words saying that He would indeed rise from the dead, Saturday was a day of immense pain. I can just imagine people sitting in their homes, wondering, “Now what?” The Messiah is dead. Their best friend was tortured and is now lying in a tomb. A man they followed for years is gone; what direction do they have now? God must have been in those conversations; moved by the love that people had for His son but also just waiting with such expectancy for their reactions when they finally went to the tomb and saw that Jesus had risen! 

There is a reason we don’t know the process or the final outcome. There is a reason that we don’t know what God is doing, and that we have to wait in hopeful expectation for all that He will do. He never promised that life would be easy, but He did promise that He would help us throughout the journey. I fully believe that God prepares us for what is coming next. And maybe the season of “waiting” that many of us find ourselves in- where we are unsure of what is going to happen next or when the healing and breakthrough will come, is the time that God is using to slowly prepare us for the next step. 

Even when we feel alone and wonder where God is, He is working. Even when we can’t feel His presence or direction, He is working. It may be a good thing that we don’t know what life is going to bring because it allows God to work in us and help us prepare for the next step. 

Many believed that 2020 would be a year of change because 2019 was so challenging. Now, there are jokes about 2021 being a year when everything finally falls into place. My prayer is that God restores all that has been lost in 2020, and makes it a year where we see Him move in the most incredible ways. God is preparing us right now, for what the next season of our lives will bring. Trust the waiting, trust the process, and trust that God is working for our good.