Man looking upward

God is in the Breaking Points

Everything has its breaking point; the point in which too much pressure is applied and tension is created, causing a rift to start to spread until the strength of the object is wholly undermined. What’s interesting, however, is that if you try to apply the same tension to one of the broken pieces, it will not break.

Take a stick for example. The first time you break a stick (of decent size) in half, it is very easy to do. But as you continue to try to break down the stick into several different pieces, it becomes considerably harder. Now, apparently this has to do with quantum physics, which I am no expert in, but I do understand metaphors…

We, as humans, all have our breaking points. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, overwhelming stress at work, all-encompassing negative relationships, or feelings of loneliness, despair or anxiety. The list can go on, but when we reach our breaking point we realize just how much pressure has been on us and how much tension it has caused.

“At that point I just realized, I gotta change my life.”– Ryan Ries

I was watching a video from the “I Am Second” series, a video-based project that interviews well-known individuals and shares their walks with God. Ryan Ries, a former professional skateboarder, shared his testimony. For quite some time, he enjoyed drugs, sex, and porn in excess, until one night when his friends told him, “dude we thought you were dead[…].” It was this statement that not only showed him his breaking point, but that told him that the life that he had been living needed to be one of the past.

Ryan started to pursue God and place him at the center of his being. When he didn’t feel strong enough, God was there. When the addiction to porn became difficult to ignore, God was there.

After Ryan came to know Christ, his life was never the same. He may have been living a life that seemed small and insignificant to those around him, but because he had reached his breaking point he was forced to look at something greater than himself; someone who could shine light into the chaos and bring understanding and clarity. When the smoke settled, God was there.

I’m sure that in the moment, no one is thankful for their breaking point. No one is shouting out to God, grateful that their life is in disarray. But then something beautiful happens. A moment is reached where what would have caused us to spiral back into the center of our affliction, no longer has the same effect. What would have caused us to pursue the life in which we had been living, has no power over us. We may be broken, but we are stronger than ever before.

Breaking points show us what needs to be healed. They reveal the weakness and vulnerability and become a place to move forward from. When we turn to God and let Him in, despite feeling completely exposed, we can begin to heal. 

In my journey with depression, I reached a breaking point. It’s because of God’s love and the incredible people who He has placed in my life, that I am still here. It’s easy to say “trust God,” when you can look back on things, but the realization is unbearable when in the midst of it. It takes incredible strength to trust God in the darkest moments, and it takes time and energy, but there is a reason why His light continues to shine causing darkness to have no place in our lives.

Life has a way of showing us how far we have fallen, but God has a way of showing us how far we will go.