light, Jesus

The Beginning of a Journey

A gift so small but filled with significance- a babe was born, and the world would forever be changed.

All we have known is brokenness. All we have known is shame. This is a humbling and somewhat frustrating reality that we face. Adam and Eve were, for a short time, the only ones who knew what it was like to be completely exposed and vulnerable, yet still loved and accepted in a relationship with God that we have been trying to get back to ever since the apple was first eaten. We have seen the essence of human struggle throughout the Bible. We can see the reality of human struggle in our every day lives, but there is also another story playing out- one that is bringing us salvation, redemption, and one step closer to our Heavenly Father.

“A bunch of broken people living in a broken world, looking for anything to hold them together.”

I wrote this statement during a tough time in my life. I remember turning to my mother and saying, as tears streamed down my face, “It has to get better. When will it all get better?” At that moment, hopelessness had implanted itself into my heart and my mind. I needed a miracle in almost every area of my life. The only person I had to rely on, was God.

Out of all of the things to place trust in, God was definitely the right choice (and always is), but it forced me to look at the Father as both a Father and a friend who could be relied on. Over the past few weeks, God has been working in these areas of my life and has been showing love, care, and consideration that I honestly did not know existed, despite years spent in the church. I saw a God who met the broken and bent down to their level to help them pick up the pieces. I met a God who showed such care in the small things that it made the big issues feel minuscule. I saw the purpose of the birth of Christ as providing a way to not only experience the Father’s heart, but pursue the Father’s heart as well.

When Jesus was born, it marked the beginning of a journey; a journey that would bring back hope, trust, love, and most importantly a redemption that had never been seen before. Wrapped and lying in a manger was the second chance that the world didn’t know it needed. A baby marked the beginning of the greatest love story that would ever take place in our world, but one that we can reap the benefits of every day because it is a story that includes every one of us.

Jesus came to a world that didn’t know it needed a saviour. He came to a world that tried to earn the love of God, and when they thought they had failed, turned from God altogether or defined themselves as the “lost.” They didn’t know that God was pursuing the lost and bringing about a Messiah that would find them where they were and bring them back into a place of establishing their worth.

Throughout Jesus’s short time on earth, He epitomized love, forgiveness, and acceptance. He helped prostitutes feel worthy of love. He helped tax collectors recognize their real value in a society that had devalued them. He brought healing to the hopeless, and in every interaction-opened the eyes of those around Him, so that they may see people as He saw them; completely and utterly worthy of the Father’s love.

Then, in one moment, God’s plan was revealed. With the birth of love, came the death of shame, ignorance, unforgiveness, and judgment. The journey was made complete, as what once started in the lowliest place possible, a birth in a manger that was hidden away from the world, ended in a way in which all saw Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross, sin was put on display in a way that had never been seen before- but showed the immense healing that the world needed.

In death, came life. A journey that started years earlier had come to an end in a way that no one expected, no one quite understood, and no one really knew the impact of. We, however, have the chance to experience this sacrifice and finally come close to living in a place where shame and brokenness no longer exists. We have the chance at a new life filled with hope, because of a God who sent His son to a hopeless world.

There is not greater love. There is no greater journey.