About us, about community

The collective is a young adult-based church. Our main objective is connection. Firstly, with God as we connect with him through relevant, applicable teaching and passionate, authentic worship. Secondly, it is a place of connection with others. It’s a place to find encouragement, love, acceptance, and friendship among community.

The name of this church is who we are. A collection of young adults coming together and bringing who we are. Being real and vulnerable with one another. Contributing our talents, passions, our individual walks with God and mixing that all together to make this a place we love to be.

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Meet Kersten & Gillian

Kersten and Gillian are the lead pastors of the collective church. They are married and live in Milton, Ontario with their three awesome kids. They have both been passionate about ministry since they were teenagers. Kersten is born and raised in Canada and Gillian is from Scotland. They met And fell in love at a ministry school in Toronto and it was there that their journey began in leading young adults together. They love people and are passionate about seeing young adults connect with God in a real and tangible way. They love to do worship, teach and to help create a place for people to learn and grow into who they were created to be. To see them walk in an understanding of how crazy in love god is with them and to help encourage them to go deeper in knowing him.

Squad Goals

The Collective team. They love God, love people, and they are loads of fun to do life with.

We Believe

We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, and that he died on the cross for the sins of humanity. That Jesus rose from the dead and is alive and well today. We believe that God heals people today physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe in miracles, deliverance, forgiveness of sins. We believe in God’s word. We believe that justification and salvation come through Jesus alone, through personal repentance and acceptance of Jesus as the one true God.

Our Vision

We are a group of believers, who desire to encounter God. To grow, to be challenged, to love, and to be loved in the safety of community.